Twinkle Girls' World Presented by Paillette*

Yuko and Yukky did not exchange much conversation when they were in the same high school.  There was a pause till they meet together again after both having been married and become mothers.  It was one cafe building project that brought them together to work on its food menu concept for Yuko and room decorative design for Yukky.  Consequently the project turned them into a duo unit called "Paillette" which became the field for the two to become one twinkle star to express their imaginary world into pieces of sweets, accessories, illustrated paper works.

(Below): Lemon Short Bread

(Top): Carrot Cake
(Below): Pumpkin&Maple Pound Cake

(From Top Left Clockwise):Tarte Tatin, Cherry Blossom's Polpolone,
"Dotty" Gâteau au chocolat, Maple&Walnut Cookies

Baked for "Apple-Butter Cream Sandwich Cookies"

(Left): "Lemon Syrup of This Year" and (Right): Lemon Curd

Pearl Ring Bracelet

Pansy Pierce
Tatting Laced Rings

(Left):"Spring Garden" and (Right): "Light of Ring"Corsages

(Top): Girl Faced accessories
(Below):Water Color Illustrated tags and stickers 

Pure and decent. There is the touching sense of girls' imagination which carries No Doubt about the Beauty of the World.

Girl of Lily of Valley 

Yukky captures the sensitive mood of the girls' dreams and imaginative world in drawing fairy-tale figures and animals.

(Left): "Nanohana"(Tederstem Broccoli) a sing of spring in Japan.
(Right): Girl destined to her fated lover by Red String.

(Left): A scene from "Alice's Adventure in Wonderland"
(Right): One of Yukky's favorite motif is Cats

Imagery from "Rapunzel"


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