Invitation to Silver Woods by Misa Amano

Beetles, butterflies, busy bees humming and spiders playing with petals of Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) swinging on spring breeze. Hard to believe they are all made of silver as they appeal so lively organic.  Their silent but energetic activities are captured by hands of Misa Amano, with her magic of silver open casting.  

Misa since her childhood loves contacts with insects and their small wonder world.

Lovely Bird in form of Ring - what are you going to sing around someone's finger? 

Before becoming a casting artist, Misa was enjoying her carrier as a shoe designer.  When she started to take a metal casting class she encountered the works of Alexander Calder, who is famous for his grand scale sculptures, but did also create many practical tools and accessories in his career.  Misa was fascinated to find out how freely Metal could express the nature of lives and began seeking her own way of expression in the media.  Then time naturally brought her to become a professional casting artist.  She did not want to create something sitting still or decorative, but something which makes people happy by wearing or using in daily life in the forms of accessories and tools.  She flew to Florence, Italy to learn "open work casting" technique.  When she came back to Japan her heart was set to endeavor the creation of the traditional motifs of her own country's culture- of Japan. 

(Top)- 2 Hair Accessories in Japanese Traditional Style (called "Kanzashi")(Below) - handy tooth-pick (!) depicting fig tree

Tree of Paulownia is used as the material of conserving boxes and display-stands.  Misa chose the wood by inspiration first, imagining it would treat her silver works as treasures in sensible manner.  Later she learned that it was the best material to protect silver from humidity.  (Paulownia is known for its clear scent and strength to moisture, and has been always thought as the best qualified material for Kimono chest drawers in Japan.)    

Silver Tiara (crown) with Hydrangea and Sail- Symbolic flower of the month of June in Japan.
A Perfect piece for "June Bride" wedding.

The pictures are from the Exhibition at Gallery "Chisai Me (Tiny Bud)" in April, 2013.



(写真は2013年4月の『天野ミサ シルバーアクセサリー展』 Gallery 小さい芽での展示作品をご紹介しています)
  Special Thanks to: Maki & Occhan for showing me your "Fond" for Amano san.