New Spring Botanical Garden Walk at CHIEL

I think it was right after the “Reincarnation Exhibition” finished Ayako and I were chatting somehow kneeling down on the floor at my tearoom, like two kids were talking secrets, that she told me about her ideas for up coming accessory creation. She was into botanical books and kept talking of flowers and plants she newly learned, about  their mysteries of colors and shapes with her eyes blinking! Then here as spring has come I found her production had been come out bloom in her studio put in showcases on her web site (under "Collection" Bar).   The series titled: “Playing with Flowers, Colors, Words.” Enjoy a little peak from her botanical garden. (The captions under the pictures are translation of Ayako's, talking of Japanese traditional color names )

"Forget Me & Forget Me Not" Flowers
If there is a flower saying "Please forget me not"maybe there can be another one saying "Forget me please."Is there anything that is holding you back to go on further? Then just bloom like these flowers do, wait for your spring to come & let your sorrow go away.  And when the time comes reborn your soul and keep succeeding. 

Series of "Kokihanada"-Japanese color name for the deepest level of "Ai," (Indigo) Dyeing 

"Fukura" Buds; Flowers -named after the sound of "Puffiness" in Japanese.

"Kompal" Flowers - name for the color of slightly greenish blue.
It became a trendy color in late Meiji Period (Post Edo Era )in Tokyo among Geisha girls' fashion.

"Kompal Hanabe" Flower originally  created by Ayako.  The name means "Goldish Spring Fire Works."
Bright blue pistils blooming out of golden petals like fireworks.

"Gold and Tobi Color"Flowers Bracelet- "Tobi" is Japanese name for Black Kite bird.
Tobi color is named after the birds' wings dark brown.

"Kofun"Flowers Pierce: "Kofun" is Japanese color name for slightly reddish white.

"Kofun & Tobi "pierce: combination of Tobi color (for petals) and Kofun color (for pistils)

"Keppen" necklace: the word means "Fragmented Pieces"in Japanese.
This is one exceptional work in the collection.  Ayako found unexpected beauty in the cut-out-pieces of flowers and other accessory pieces and collected them into a necklace work.  



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